News 4

Racecentre uses both VRX iMotion Simulators which are custom built in Canada by VRX, as well as SX02 Simulators which are fully designed and manufactured in Australia by Simworx.

The aerodyne chassis has been specifically made to suit a variety of motorsports and seriously comes alive when you are in the game. The multi axis full motion platform produces the most realistic movement sensations. Drivers will experience:

  • Ripple strip effects
  • Acceleration thrust and throttle power
  • Deceleration and braking forces
  • Road contour effects, including rises and falls in elevation
  • Shunts, bumps and wall scrapes

The reproduction driver's seat is ergonomically designed to give you maximum comfort, whilst retaining its authenticity. This feature is important to Racecentre, as the small cockpit and enclosed models which are usually associated with sim racing centres considerably restrict the size of drivers who can use the simulator, whereas our simulators have been built to suit most body types. Many drivers with disabilities have used and enjoyed our simulators too, as we have the ability to change the pedal controls to become accessible on the steering wheel. Please contact us if you have any special needs or if you require wheelchair access. 

The unique internal audio port design gives you unbelievable vibration and surround sound, all of which is adjustable from the controls mounted on your seat. Within the chassis, are fitted various audio compartments and baffles, that are internally connected from the sub woofer chamber via internal audio tubes. This transmits vibration even to your feet. The long throw sub woofer works hard under your seat and it's output is finely tuned within the chassis, the chassis being finally ventilated via two chrome, internally curved exhaust tips, out of the rear sail panel. On your seat are mounted two triple cone Neo Titanium speakers. These outstanding audio drivers will immerse your head totally in the game. Whether you are driving F1, V8's, Rally or GT cars all of the sounds and vibrations unique to these and others, are accurately reproduced in the simulator chassis.

In sim racing, there is nothing better than being able to experience surround sound and surround vision. Our simulators have triple HD screens in the immediate visual field of the driver. The outer screens are angled towards you and the images on those screens move away from you faster than your look ahead screen, in effect giving the driver an immersive experience of speed not previously possible.