All of the most frequently asked questions about our Full Motion Racing Simulators in one place!

Find out why real racing drivers flock to Racecentre for their Racing Simulator Sessions - even International drivers!
Where are you located?
Racecentre is positioned in a sensational location on the Gold Coast, and has just recently opened a new store in the heart of Darling Harbour in Sydney.

 Restaurants, amusement venues and night life line up as our neighbours. The precincts are alive and vibrant during the weekdays, and the area seriously becomes alive on Friday and Saturday nights. The weekend is packed with locals and tourists alike.
Is there a minimum age / height / weight for a session at Racecentre?
Whilst there is no official age limit for our simulators, all drivers have to be able to reach the pedals and the steering wheel at the same time, respond to the simulators movements and be alert for other vehicles, so younger drivers may struggle with this. Usually by the age of 13 years old most teens are tall enough. 

The seat can move forward and backward like a normal vehicle, but we must remind our visitors that these simulators are not arcade games. Our software reflects accurate driving conditions, and a younger driver is less likely to respond appropriately to the feedback the simulator is giving. 

These complex simulators designed to show genuine driving circumstances in high performance race vehicles. The simulator's functioning is entirely based on the actions and reactions of the driver. F1, V8 and Rally cars respond very differently than an average sedan and all drivers need to be aware that the simulators respond according to the chosen vehicle.

Minimum Recommendations:
13yrs +
Height: Minimum 140cm
Weight with motion on: Max 115kg.
Weight with motion off: Max 130kg.

What about drivers with disabilities, drivers with special needs or access for wheelchairs?
Racecentre is pleased to advise that we are usually able to cater for drivers with disabilities and special needs.

We have had many drivers in wheelchairs come to race in the simulators and commented what an awesome experience they had. The pedal controls can be altered so that the settings are controlled by the steering wheel instead. 

Access to get into the simulator seat can be a bit tricky, so depending on your individual physical requirements, racing may not always be possible. We strongly recommend you have a support person to be present with you to assist you into the seat carefully.

Unfortunately, each person's requirements are unique and we can not always cater for everyone with special needs - but we will do everything possible to make sure you have a great time if we can!

What do you offer Corporate Groups?
Racecentre offers exciting team building exercises for Corporate Groups. What better way to boost employee motivation than within a fun and challenging environment? We cater for small and medium sized groups at a time, or we can cater for larger groups by dividing into teams. Please ask us about our bonus offers for Corporate Packages.

Racecentre provides great corporate hospitality, unique experiences and personalised service. By inviting your customers to Racecentre, you create a fantastic way to engage with them. At Racecentre, we provide a unique shared experience that is not only memorable, but lots of fun! An experience at Racecentre is such an easy way to create a positive association with your company.
I want to organise a group or a social function, can Racecentre open exclusively for our group?
Yes, Racecentre is able to offer our centre for your exclusive use. We are ideally located in the heart of CBD Surfers Paradise and in Harbourside at Darling Harbour with Restaurants and Nightlife surrounding us. Come and experience the best the Australia has to offer!

What is the recommended footwear?
We recommend using a thin soled enclosed shoe for driving our simulators. We do not allow high heels or steel capped boots.
Is a Racecentre experience suitable for me?
Racecentre has been made suitable and accessible for most drivers, but regrettably there are some people for whom the experience would not be suitable:

All users must be capable of entering and exiting the simulator's driver seat themselves using their arms. Drivers should not use the steering wheel as a tool to enter and exit the simulator. The steering components of the simulators are sensitive hence the wheel should not be used as an entry or exit aid.

The simulators can generate noticeable g forces and therefore customers with weak necks, frail backs and pregnant women should seek medical advice before using the simulators.

Customers with heart or blood pressure problems should not use the simulators if their condition will be affected by the effects of raised pulse rate and adrenalin rush.

Customers very sensitive to motion sickness should not use the simulators.

Ultimately if you have a medical condition and you are unsure about driving you should consult your medical professional.